Web Design Process Flow

Overview of web design Process



Information Gathering





Design & Development


Testing & Review




Marketing & Advertising (optional)



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1Information Gathering

After providing us with the necessary information, we can now set up your website for you. By having a solid understanding of your company’s business model, we will be able to quickly and effectively create your website. Our consultant will propose various templates and designs that well suits your needs. We can also customize your website based on your latest concept or your latest project that you intended to promote. To further enhance the quality of your website, we could provide an optional search engine optimization service for your site. This will improve your website's ranking in modern search engine. This can be achieved by utilizing various modern SEO tools and through Facebook marketing. During the development process, we welcome any extra input and feedback from you so that we can further improve the quality of your website. For a more detailed discussion, direct consultation can be arranged (within Klang Valley).

Information required includes but not limited to (A) nature of business, (B) objectives and goals, (C) products and/or services (D) target market.

2Concept Planning

Once all the necessary information is obtained, we will be able to define and draft out the overall concept of your project by setting up specific pages and features that your site requires. The time frame required for the completion of the website varies based on the complexity and the amount of functionality of that specific website. (The timeline for the production of website will start after the concept planning).

3Design & Development

With a design concept in mind, we can now start to bring your website to life. We will implement your desired logo, pictures / video and content for each sections / pages and work on visual brand including element collages, animation and etc.The next step involves the writing of valid HTML and CSS code that will maximize the functionality of the website as well as making sure that it adheres to modern web standards.

4Testing & Review

Once the website is completed, we will run some tests in order to review the overall performance of your site. This includes the testing of core functionality, the compatibility of mobile responsiveness as well as its performance in different types of web browsers. Any bugs and errors detected during this development stage will be quickly resolve by our team. This is to ensure your website is fully optimized and operate at the best condition possible. In Aevusweb, we put our customers’ satisfaction high on our priority list. Hence, all our customers will be entitled for a ONE-TIME website revision/amendment of their website for FREE. Customers will not be charged with additional fees for any changes done during this period.

5Launch !

Once we get your final approval, it is time to show your new website to the world. We will be taking care of all the necessary procedures including the registration of domain name/web hosting, setup all of your web accounts, as well as upload the site to the main server. One last check will be done for your website to ensure that it is fully functional and accessible in Google search engine.

6Marketing & Advertising (OPTIONAL)

One of the best way to promote your business is through digital marketing and advertising. This process will be carried out simultaneously with the launching of your website. The purpose of website marketing is to introduce new customers to your business. This can be achieved by advertising your business profile through Facebook marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). We will make sure that all of the contents on your website is up-to-date on our Facebook marketing platform. Next, we will improve the ranking your website through reliable modern SEO techniques. This uses unique elements such as titles, meta descriptions and keyword tags to make your site easier to access in search engine.


Even though your website is successfully launched, the process is not necessarily over. It is essential to constantly bring in more visitors to the site in order to increase the overall ranking in modern search engine. This can be done by regularly updating new contents or products on to your website. Here in Aevusweb, our team will be more than happy to maintain your website for you. We provide extra services such as updating new information, customization as well as resolving bugs and errors. Additional service charge may incur based on the regularity and complexity of the changes.

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