Advanced package with 5 pages

Below are the samples, you may choose the type of themes (standard, deluxe, premium).
We are happy to help choosing the templates that is best for your business as there are thousands of templates in the market.

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Why should I get this standard package ? +

Any industry are welcome to get this package, if your business focuses giving a brief overview of your company. Typically, we will recommend to include Home, about, product & services, gallery and contact. As for these 5 main pages have their own individual pages, this will opened more space to provide more description about your business and enable visitors access to more detailed content. Importantly, having this pages enable you to increase a form of connection with visitors as well. According to studies, around 65% of people are visual learner. With the inclusive of images used for products & service, business premises or other illustration. You can easily boost user experience on your website. However, it is all depends on your business industry. As there are more than thousands of industry out there, and content include may be vary. For instance, people who wanted to introduce and promote themselves are in the category portfolio / CV / Resume. The product & service page can replace with 'background' about the past experiences and 'about' replace to 'gallery' about work done. We will help to find the best template that suits your branding image.
This is one of our affordable package you can get in Malaysia. The design work is only cost for one time, no renewal fee. The only renewal fee is the domain and hosting that required to keep your website available in the site. *Unless there is extra work required for us to work on that has exceed or not stated in the package.

There is no template provided above that suits my industry. +

The above template shows only the 'SAMPLE' of template as we have 3 categories type of themes which is standard, deluxe and premium and above sample is to show the different contrast of themes for your conveniences. Then only after to decide whether to upgrade. As there are more than thousand of templates available in the market, we will be happy to help selecting the templates that suits your business industry, budget and preference.

How do I update the content if there is any changes? +

Can send us the complete latest content that you wish to change, and we will update for you.

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