Standard package with 3 pages

You may choose from any types of themes or templates available below. (Standard, Deluxe, Premium).

3 Pages Template

Contain multiple pages and subpages within a navigation menu. Typically, there will be a homepage accompany by service and product page, and a contact page.

Frequent Asked Questions  e

Why should I get a 3 Pages web design ? +

Any industry are welcome to get this package. It focuses on providing the user with a brief overview of your company. There will be 3 main pages on the top menu that enable the user to navigate to the page they desire. Visitors will be able access to a more detailed information of your business.

There is no template that suits my industry. +

The templates shown is just a small part of all the available samples. There are more than thousands of templates available in the market and we are more than happy to help you choose the exact template that match all of your preferences.

How do I update my site's content in the future? +

Once you provide us with all the details of your new content, we are more than happy to update it for you.

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